venerdì 18 aprile 2008


Work a complete change in our lives: from tepidity to fervour, from a life which is not totally of God to one which is. Fervour is fervour of spirit. Activity alone is not fervour.

If we are not fervent, what are we doing? It is easy to fall into tepidity.

When our heart is full of love of God, we will of necessity pass this love on to others because it is a fire which must spread. But if we do not possess love of God, how can we communicate it to others?

Let us not dream of doing big things (martyrdom, for example). Let us rather take advantage of the little opportunities we have to offer something to the Lord. Those little sacrifices of the day--let us offer them all to Him. This will be our blood shed drop by drop for God. Let us not scatter the treasures we have, the precious peals of which we can dispose. Let us not lose time, which is so precious. Time is worth as much as God is worth!

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